Financial Planner (Ballarat Office)

My name is Paul and I am the Financial Planner for our Ballarat Office.

I am grossly outnumbered both at home and at work by womenfolk, with my wife Helen, daughters Remi & Milli, cocker spaniel Tessa at home and Sandra and Robyn at work – all of whom seem to boss me around!

I appreciate being involved with Ballarat High School and helping with our Rowing program and am also heavily involved in the Ballarat Sportsmen’s Club and Financial Planning Association, Ballarat Chapter. I enjoy contributing and being able to give back to the Ballarat community.

My family and I have just returned from Canada and the USA and my favourite place in the world is currently Banff in Canada but now that we have the travel bug I am sure that I will have a new favourite place soon!

I am a Certified Financial Planner and have 22 years’ experience as a planner and 25 years inexperience as a husband and father.